The next generation…your next family member

Currently all of our puppies and retired adults have found their forever homes… we are looking towards the future!


We know you are as excited as we are to meet the puppies! Stay tuned and check back OFTEN!

We will post to this page and our social media sites when we open the paid waiting list for reservations.



A word about puppies from Delicious Bull Terriers......

Each litter at Delicious – an average of one or two per year or less – is planned with the intention of keeping at least one of the puppies for ourselves to further our breeding program. No litters are bred with the intention of placing all the puppies with others. Depending on the number of puppies in the litter and the overall quality of individuals, we might keep and raise multiple puppies.  Understand, this is for good reason including the following: 

  • Our experience with the breed lends us to understand their sensitivities both physically and emotionally during the critical development that takes place during their first year. This is important in preventing accidental injury that may occur to a show prospect due to well-meaning, but inexperienced owners. 

  • Rearing Bull Terrier puppies (and any breed with heavy muscle mass such as ours) requires specific exercise and nutrition to reach their full potential. Many promising show puppies never reach their potential due to the non-optimal care and feeding they receive during their most important growth stages.

  • Our youngsters spend time with our resident Bull Terriers with excellent temperaments, thereby instilling in them qualities they need to function successfully throughout their lives with people and other dogs. Aggressive tendencies with other dogs are very seldom seen and never tolerated… it’s simply not acceptable as all our dogs are expected to co-mingle with our young children.

We place our puppies based on the right fit for both the dog and family living situation.  Though many of our puppies could go on to show homes, we often choose companion homes that will value them for their good looks, soundness and unique personalities. We place all our puppies regardless of physical characteristics such as gender, size, or color as these tell us little about the emotional intelligence of an individual Bull Terrier. If you are only interested in a specific color/marking or a guaranteed show dog, please contact another breeder who will make those promises. There are several.

On occasion we have puppies or retired adults available to companion homes.  Please feel free to submit an application to help us get to know you better and be considered to add a Delicious Bull Terrier to your family! You can read some about our past litters below.......

Past Litters/Puppies

White Pups Left to Right "Victor", "Elsa" and "Flash"

White Pups Left to Right "Victor", "Elsa" and "Flash"

Brindle pups "Kevin" (top) and "Ginger" (Bottom)

Brindle pups "Kevin" (top) and "Ginger" (Bottom)



The Brindle Boys from Left to Right (Maverick, Pilot & Elton)

The Brindle Boys from Left to Right (Maverick, Pilot & Elton)

Delicious Bull Terrier White Newborn

The White Boys from Left to Right (Everett & Cain)


A Word about Puppy Culture......

Puppy Culture DVD

Puppy Culture in the simplest terms is a series of protocols based on behavioral research that have been compiled and made into a film by Jane Killion.  We were lucky enough to be invited to visit Jane and her husband Mark, the makers of the film at their residence while they had a litter of their famous Madcap Bull Terrier puppies!  This was a remarkable opportunity to see these protocols in action first hand.  After that visit we knew we would be Puppy Culture enthusiasts for life.  We are committed to raising our puppies during the first 12 weeks of life using the Puppy Culture program.  We HIGHLY (and I can't say it in caps loud enough) encourage you to view puppy culture in advance of getting any puppy, be it from us or another reputable breeder.  It will give you a strong foundation in how your new family member is wired and insight on how to start communicating with them!